Franklin Harris Junior

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Franklin Edward Scott Harris Junior is a man who thrives in social situations. He prefers to be in the Directors seat or helping to manage group dynamics. Most of his peers know that he will work very hard to get a task done but is not always the "Idea Guy." He is reliable, honest and open to critiques. He also enjoys working audio more than editing video. His face has been in several video projects and enjoys helping photo students with there project; he likes the free photos.

Air Force

Basic Training

Lackland Air Force Base

I finished basic training as the Dorm Chief of my Flight.

Feburary 9th 2016 - April 25th 2016


Fort Meade

During my time as a Detatchment 2 Red Wolf I became a Yellow Rope. I was later fired due to a disagreement with leadership.

April 26th 2016 - September 27th 2016

1st Combat Camera

Joint Base Charleston

I spent several years at Combat Camera. My first deployment was there. I also was sent to Puerto Rico as a part of the Hurricane Maria humanitarian relief.

October 12th 2016 - June 1st 2019


Hill Air Force Base

I look forward to going to my next duty station. There are many of my pals from Techschool (Fort Meade).

One Day



Awards & Certifications

  • 1st Place Best Combat Camera Competition 2018